Although dogs are brilliant creatures, they cannot read dog training books themselves or automatically know that dog chewing is not appreciated behavior.  While they are pack animals and want you to be their leader, they do still have their own instincts and some breeds are far more stubborn than humans.

A well-behaved, obedient dog is not simply born that way.  They are molded by their owners who put forth the effort to pay attention to free dog training advice and engage in training sessions with them.  The key to changing negative behavior in your dog is to focus on how they are expressing their instincts.  Regardless of the dog or situation, yelling, scolding or hitting is never acceptable or effective behavior.

No matter how small or how large, stubborn or sweet your four-legged friend is, there are a few basic dog training tips that will work for every breed.


Be the Alpha Leader

All dog training books will tell you that you must establish the leader position within your home.  Your dog is not responsible for crate training puppies, stopping dog biting or teaching basic commands.  You are!

Your dog does not understand what you want until you teach them.  They are not aware that their behavior is inappropriate until you empower them with the knowledge of knowing how they should act.   You need to be their leader at all times.  Your dog wants you in that position so that they have someone to follow and learn from.

Crate Training Puppies

Most dog training books will tell you that crate training puppies is the way to go.  This gives them their own home and a safe, private place.  However, when you are crate training puppies, it is extremely important that you never under any circumstance use the crate as punishment.  When used properly, this tool can make dog housebreaking and separation anxiety much easier to deal with.

Mastering the Leash

Some dogs naturally walk on a leash quite well, others require a bit of work, a lot of patience and a good sense of humor.  The most important thing to master with leash training is to keep your dog in a calm, controlled state.

Dog chewing on the leash and pulling are two common issues with leash training.  With both actions, simply make them calm down and sit quietly before you walk again and be consistent about this.  They will soon learn that their behavior is taking away from their walk time.

Obedience Classes

Free dog training advice and dog training books are extremely helpful but if you are still struggling with your dog, obedience classes may be your best option.  These types of classes help dog owners achieve the alpha position with their dog and instruct them how to provide clear, strong commands.

Be Consistent

All of the training in the world is useless if you are not consistent.  Dogs learn by repetitive commands and actions.  If you change command words or you make them “wait” before approaching their food dish one day and other days you don’t, you will confuse and frustrate them.

It is also important that everyone in your home follow the same rules.  If you make your dog “sit” before going outside but then no one else in the house does, your efforts are wasted.  Dog training is not always easy but when done properly, you are rewarded with a best friend who only wants to please you.

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