Healthy dogs shouldn’t eat these things…

even though they may really, really like them.  Kind of the same thing we humans go through.  We need to make smart choices for ourselves…we need to make smart choices for the dogs we love so much!

Onions, chives, shallots & leeks

– They contain thiosulfate which can cause a whole host of problems including anemia, vomiting and diarrhea.  It is widely thought that garlic is bad for dogs as well.  This is untrue (except that large amounts of garlic should not be ingested as garlic, like onions, contains thiosulfate).  Garlic in small amounts has many health benefits for your dog and is known to have anti cancer properties.  It also acts as a natural flea repellent.


–  Dogs love, love, love chocolate.  I had a dog many years ago who ate about a half pound of See’s Candies at my mother’s house before he was discovered.  Being a little guy, we never quite figured out how he got that huge box of candy off the dining room table.  That was an expensive day…he spent it vomiting at the vet’s office.  Chocolate ingestion, if left untreated, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heart rate and even seizures and death.


– Coffee can cause rapid breathing and rapid heart rate; it can also affect your dog’s central nervous system.


–They can be very dangerous for your pet.  Splinters from bones can cause obstructions and lacerations in his digestive system.


  – In addition to the rather obvious result of intoxication, alcohol can cause vomiting, coma and death.


 – Anything containing the sweetener Xylitol can cause seizures, liver failure and death

Macadamia Nuts 

– These nuts can cause vomiting, stiff joints, hind quarter lameness and  weakness as well as tremors.

Grapes, Currants, Raisins

 – In lesser amounts, these can cause vomiting and abdominal distress.  In greater amounts, they can cause kidney damage or even kidney failure.


 – You won’t find sugar on most lists of things dogs shouldn’t eat.  I include it because sugar is cancer food.  That is, cancer cells thrive on sugar!  Did you know cancer kills more dogs now than anything else?  Sugar is bad for you and for your dog.  Become a label reader and avoid any food or treats that have any kind of sweetener.  The food industry has us humans addicted to sugar, but we can control what our dogs ingest, and we can stop our dogs from falling prey to the damage it does to their bodies!

Healthy dogs should eat a healthy diet.  Dogs don’t crave “bad” things.  They eat the good food we give them.  Show your dog how much you love him, and make good food choices to help him enjoy a long, healthy life!

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