If you have a dog, of course you always ask how to stop and control dog chewing ????


One of the most common problems for dog owners is excessive chewing that really cause problems when your pet dogs try to chew at things excessively and start to damage them. Puppies usually start chewing at everything that comes in their way when they are teething while the adult dogs start chewing when they feel bored and you need to rectify these problems by buying toys for your puppies as this will help you control the chewing dog behavior problems in your pet dogs to some extent.

Why Control is Important ??

Some owners assume that dog biting is natural so they just allow them to chew on pretty much anything and deal with it.  Either that or they are on the opposite end of the spectrum where they yell at their puppy for dog chewing which only confuses and scares them because they do not understand what they are doing wrong.

Dog training books and professionals will tell you that you need to tell them a firm “no” and replace the item that they are dog chewing on with their toy.  Eventually, when done consistently, they will learn that if they want to chew, they have to use a toy.

The most important free dog training advice you can learn is to not yell, hit or scare your puppy for chewing.  They are babies and do not understand why you are yelling.  It will only cause them to fear you which will lead to resentment and result in aggression at a later age.

You should puppy proof your home, put away shoes and your dog should never be left attended.  Some people find crate training puppies very beneficial to control this. Just make sure that they do have a toy in their crate to play with and chew on.

Item Replacement

When dog chewing is an issue in your home, you have to always replace whatever your puppy is chewing on with his toy.  This has to be done every time and by every family to be effective.  You may want to start your puppy his own toy box and train him to get his toys from there when he wants to chew.  Many dogs will even put their toys away when they are done with them.

Entertain Your Puppy

Dog chewing in puppies is often the result of boredom.  You cannot expect a new puppy to completely entertain himself.  The best way to deal with chewing is to exercise your puppy so that he is less likely to grow bored and decide to chew.

Special Sprays

Whoever invented Bitter Apple Spray to stop dog chewing certainly had a brilliant idea.  This can be sprayed on furniture, molding, fringe around rugs or anything else that looks tempting for puppies.  Alternatively, cayenne pepper also has a taste that puppies do not like so you can use it as well. However, you may need to test it on the object to make sure that it is color safe.

Additionally, Bitter Apple Spray is also ideal to spray on your leash if your dog is chewing on it while you walk.  Always take caution to not spray anything in your puppy’s eyes.

Crate Training Puppies

You certainly cannot expect your puppy to not explore and not get into things when you are not there.  Crate training puppies keeps them restrained to one area where they cannot get into trouble or swallow anything that they could choke on.

It is important to note that while crate training puppies is effective, they cannot be expected to be kept in the crates for long periods of time without being let out.


The importance of consistency in training cannot be stressed enough which is why you will probably read it in every dog training book and learn it in every obedience class.  Puppies genuinely want to learn but if you let them get away with doing something one day and not the next, it is very confusing for them.  Remain consistent at all times and you will reap the rewards of a very well-behaved dog.

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