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While dog training books are quite helpful to have around, you may also want to utilize free dog training as well as any other obedience classes that you find available.  You do not need to spend a fortune on training your dog, nor do you have to hire a professional to do it for you.  You can mold your dog into the most obedient and well-mannered pet around by following a few basic rules.

When you attend either paid or free dog training classes, the first things dogs are taught is how to respond to commands while the owners learn how to properly deliver them.  So many dog owners do not put the needed time and effort into training their dog and then they do  not understand why he is uncontrollable and refusing to listen to commands.  You have to invest quality time into your dog if you want him to behave properly.

Basic Commands

Classes offering free dog training will instruct you how to demand basic commands such as sit, stay, speak, quiet, no, down and heel.  These are the important commands that make the difference between a well-behaved dog and an unruly one.  Keep in mind that dogs love to learn and they really appreciate the quality attention that you are giving them when you take the time to put in training sessions.  Therefore, use these basic commands as a stepping stone to teach your dog many more words, actions and tricks.

Be the Leader

Dog training books, free dog training advice and veterinarians will all tell you that if you want to succeed at training, you have to be the leader.  Obedience training instructs you how to be assertive and how to let your dog know that you are the dominant one in the relationship at all times.

You need to be a leader all of the time.  It is not enough to be dominant while teaching commands and going through the dog housebreaking stage.  If you want to have success with training your dog, you have to be the alpha leader every day.

Dog Biting and Barking

Two of the largest concerns most owners face with their pet is dog biting and barking.  Traditionally, these are issues that should be dealt with at a young age but that does not mean that an older dog cannot be taught to stop these habits as well.

Keep in mind that most of the time, barking for a dog is a greeting or they are telling you something important so a small level of barking should be welcome.  However, the uncontrollable, obnoxious lengthy periods of noise need to be dealt with.

As for dog biting, this is generally a habit that started in puppy hood that was never properly dealt with.  Never encourage or praise your dog for play biting because then it is hard for them to understand what they are doing wrong when they continue to do it.

Leash Walking

Free dog training and obedience classes will teach you how to maintain control over your dog.  When they are on the leash, they should not be running around you or lunging toward other dogs or people when they walk by.  You will learn how to properly leash train your dog so that walks are enjoyable for both of you.

Applying What You Learn

Obedience classes and free dog training are excellent tools to utilize. However, you cannot just go home and expect your dog to act the same way he did in class.  You need to set aside training time everyday to reinstall what you have both learned and most importantly, be consistent.

Dogs love to learn and you cannot expect them to act a certain way if you do not take the time to teach them.  The great thing about canines is that you can mold them into the perfect pet using whatever commands that you want as long as you remain consistent and put forth the effort.

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